Watch Weezer play “Africa” on Jimmy Kimmel with Steve Porcaro from Toto and Toto singer talks about the Weezer cover

Laat night was the aired performance of Weezer playing “Africa” where Toto Keyboardist Steve Porcaro even joined them for part of it.  Watch here:

And here is Buddy Holly. and El Scorcho from Kimmel though these might have not been aired on TV.

In other news Toto singer Steve Lukather spoke out about Weezer’s cover of their song was happy about it and may even want to cover a Weezer song in the future.  This is what he said according to ErnieBall.

“CB: Africa Fever has been going on for the last few months, and you’ve seen it firsthand. In an era where music and media are more disposable than ever how does it make you feel to have kids and adults latch on to a song you worked on and love it with so much unbroken attention? Aside from the meme/humor aspect this Africa thing has grown into kind of an evergreen Bohemian Rhapsody status.

Steve Lukather: No one is laughing harder than ME! And nobody appreciates it more than all of us at Toto. But, on the other hand, this one is really hard to do. Harder than it sounds. I am out with Ringo right now and we play Africa live and I go for a lot harder edge guitar on the choruses in Weezer’s honor for making this a #1 hit again.

This whole Africa meme thing has been astounding. The streaming numbers and radio play are insane. Maybe some kids will come check out the old guys play the original music. Us! We have found the hip hop and EDM guys using our music has brought a whole new younger audience and the old school hipster press is dead, and kids like what kids like and we all win! Again MOST grateful to all the Weezer guys and their fans..

I joked about this song when we cut it in 1981. Last cut on Toto IV. I  loved the track but the lyrics were cringe-worthy to me. I still laugh BUT David Paich really captured a vibe with the song and we worked REALLY hard on it back then, and to see this all blow up again when we are 60 years old is remarkable, funny, and awesome.

It is a blessing and we thank Weezer and everyone else that has cut this, made fun of it etc. Hell, we are gonna be characters on a ‘Yacht Rock’ episode that Family Guy (my favorite show!) has coming this new season, then being a South Park character, then American Dad etc I LOVE it all! We laugh harder than anyone, but again Weezer is killing it for us and we are blown away at the success!

CB: Would you like to return the favor and cover something by Weezer?

Steve Lukather: YES! It might take a little time, as we are all so busy. We owe them the play back and we will be serious about it! No jokes. Most of Their fans have been VERY kind to us. Honestly, I was afraid to look at social media for a while there. I am sure neither of our bands expected THIS to happen!”

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