Watch Dave Matthews Band play with Ron Blake (What Would You Say and Lying In The Hands Of God).

Dave Matthews Band brought up Ron Blake on stage in Rogers to perform these two songs with them below.  I don’t have a separate video for Lying In The Hands Of God but it is in the 2 hour video under this.

Here is 2 hours of the concert in Rogers though goes black in the middle for a little.  Ron Blake comes on at the 1:12 mark and can watch Lying In The Hangs Of  God there after What Would You Say.

Here is the setlist according to Setlist FM.

  1. (“Dixie Chicken” interpolation)
  2. (with Ron Blake)
  3. (with Ron Blake) (“American Baby Intro” interpolation)
  4. (“Pretty Pretty Girl” and “more )
  5. (“Shotgun” interpolation (Junior Walker song))

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  6. Encore:

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