Watch Blue October play new song (not released yet) from “I Hope You’re Happy” live (maybe Daylight).

Yesterday we reported that Blue October played new song “Daylight” in San Diego.  This video of a new song is from Anaheim.  I’m not sure if it “Daylight” because I don’t want to listen to the new songs until I hear the studio versions, but it might be because they played that in San Diego.  It sounded good though.

Get ready to hear more studio versions because according to VentsMagazine, a new song will be released on the 17th of ever month leading up to the August 17th release.

In other news AbqNournal interviewed Justin before the Delaware show and gave out some interesting information.

About what the album songs are about:

“This music is more than me.” “I didn’t want to make an album about Justin this time. I wanted to write from a place where I’m at in life today. I got inspired by a lot of people and friends I toured with.”

About his writing:

“I’m always writing and trying to create.” “I’m trying to think outside of the box. I just leave it all open and try to be as honest as I can. It was about the craft and the creation of the album. We tried new and different things, and we have an urban sound.”

It also mentions that Justin said a fall tour being planned and that he would like to play the new album in full from front to back.

To read the full interview, go HERE.

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  1. Would LOVE to see again esp in toronto .
    A true inspiration . Changed my life after meeting and seeing them play . 💙💙💙 cant wait for new cd

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