Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters says he hopes someone else is gonna keep rock alive too

In a new interview with CNN, Taylor of Foo Fighters said this about keeping rock alive and if he sill gets nervous every time they release a new album via Alternative Nation:

“Every time. You always wonder if it’s going to be good. Especially in this day and age where the forum for rock music is such an old smelly mare. We’re not going to seem bad ass to a 10-year old, we’re like 48 to 50 year old dudes, and I get that. We’ve sort of become the elder statesmen of rock, at some point. It’s funny, but we get a lot of fan mail: ‘You’re keeping rock alive.’ I hope someone else is going to do that, or else we’re really screwed.”

Go HERE to watch the full interview with CNN.

In a recent interview with Forbes, Dave Grohl talked about what he would want people to say when leaving Cal Jam and this is what he said:

Grohl: Thank you and see you next year. I think that of all the festivals I’ve played over the years the one thing I take away from them all is they become traditions to some people. Whether it’s Glastonbury or the Reading Festival or Bonnaroo there are people that return to these festivals religiously for the experience, no matter what the lineup is. And I think that’s the allure, going in, spending 24 hours in a space with 40,000 people and having an experience that you look forward to next year.

As we reported yesterday, the Foo Fighters had a big show at Jones Beach as John Travolta came out as well as Chad Smith from the Chili Peppers.  In case you missed it, here is John Travolta on stage with Dave and John doing Grease dance moves while Dave was singing a part of a song from the movie:



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