Shinedown and Godsmack talk about their tour and how it shows that rock is not dead

Billboard recently talked to both Barry of Shinedown and Sully of Godsmack about the co-headlining summer tour.

In the interview, Barry implied that this tour is proof how rock is not dead:

“I think we both see eye to eye, and we’re on the same page; We just want to keep rock ‘n’ roll moving forward,” Shinedown’s Barry Kerch tells Billboard. “All the tastemakers out there say rock is dead; Meanwhile we’re playing shows that are sold out — 15,000 people, 20,000 people, some places 50 to 100,000 people. Rock is not dead, and we wanna keep that mission going.”

Sully talked about how he ie excited to tour with Shinedown:

“I’m excited. There seems to be a real mutual respect there. We’ve known those guys for awhile. I think we took them on one of their first big tours a while back, and I’m really proud of that band and how they’ve grown over the years and become their own monsters. The music seems to be really compatible, and when this opportunity came about I spent some time on the phone with Brent (Smith, Shinedown’s frontman) and we both felt like this could be a real home run.”

Sully also said the band might want to keep the openers for the tour: Red Sun Rising and Like A Storm for their other tours since they have a lot of touring to do.

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