Robbie Williams talks about why he thinks Oasis will reunite

Robbie Williams recently spoke out about why he thinks Oasis will reunite according to NME.

 Robbie supposedly said he doesn’t believe their solo careers will last because they are not doing as good as Oasis event hough they still are doing somewhat well.

“Liam Gallagher has just come back and he’s done pretty well. He had a platinum record with his solo album and I think that’s what everybody was waiting for. I think the next time he releases an album it won’t do as well. Noel’s album didn’t do too good either. I think it sold like 70,000 copies or something, which for Noel isn’t great.”

“If they’re anything like me, which I think they are, they will want to be doing the most successful thing they can do, and the most successful thing they can do is a reunion. I think they’ll both need to do it.”

There rumors of an Oasis reunion have been making a lot of noise.  Billboard recently did an article talking about why Noel has the right to ignore Liam about wanting a reunion.

They have examples of why including how Liam went on a rant about Noel and his wife:

But when Liam unleashed a furious tirade of abuse at Noel’s wife, Sara MacDonald, earlier this year — calling her a witch, and likening her and Noel to serial killers “Fred and Rose West” — he went way beyond acceptable rock‘n’roll banter and crossed over into hateful trolling. After that it was always going to take more than a few reconciliatory tweets to get Noel back on board.

How Noel’s solo career is doing pretty damn good:

And, honestly, who can blame him? Last year’s Who Built The Moon? album was the songwriter’s third consecutive solo set to top the charts in the U.K., has sold well internationally and ranks as his finest, most artistically adventurous and critically acclaimed work in decades. The accompanying tour has been similarly successful, packing out arenas and headlining festivals around the world with Noel clearly relishing his role as lone frontman, free from the confrontational baggage that comes with having his younger brother at his side.

They think though in the long run, Oasis will get back together:

All that said, a reunion probably still happen one day, only because few acts manage to hold out forever. But that won’t stop it from being a predictable and pedestrian coda for a group that always stood out from the crowd and defiantly played by its own rules. As Liam’s hero John Lennon said in 1980 when quizzed about the possibility of The Beatles re-forming: “Why should I go back ten years to provide an illusion for you that I know does not exist? It cannot exist.”

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