Rick Astley talks about his bromance with the Foo Fighters

Rick Astley did an interview with NME and talked about how he became such good friends with the Foo Fighters:

“It was just because we happened to be on that festival together, and obviously those guys must have noticed that my name was there. I was literally at the side of the stage watching their set in Tokyo. And I’d just gone and had a nap – My God, that’s going to make me sound ancient! But I was knackered, it was crazy-hot weather and I was jetlagged to buggery. I’d had a couple of beers at that point and was just trying to get hold of the time difference when Dave Grohl spotted me, came over and gave me a hug and then half an hour later, he just said: ‘Right everybody, this is happening’. So I’d never met them and had no idea they’d be aware I was there. It was a bizarre, amazingly weird, fantastic thing. I mean, I know they’d played ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ to protestors at a church they had a feud with [the notoriously homophobic Westbro Baptist Church] a few years earlier.”

“Well, I was a little bit pissed (Laughs). I’ve watched it back a few times because friends keep sending me the link to it, going, ‘Rick, what the fuck?’. I screamed at the audience ‘Come on you motherfuckers!’. And I’m thinking ‘Why did I do that?’. And I know exactly why I did that – ‘cos Dave Grohl’s just whispered in my ear ‘We’re going to do your tune but we’re going to do it like ‘[Smells Like] Teen Spirit’ and I’m like ‘okay’. It seemed appropriate at the time. It was a call to arms to myself to say ‘Right this is happening, get involved – or else’. It was pretty special. We hung out with them afterwards.”

About a chance of a collaboration:

“I would doubt that in the extreme, but you never know. I know Dave Grohl’s the kind of person who doesn’t stop doing things so who knows whether he – or the rest of the band – would want to. In a parallel universe, who knows? Listen, I’d love to do that. Of course I would. Who wouldn’t want to get in a room with Foo Fighters and say ‘Right, what are we doing then?’ But I can’t exactly see how that would work from their side. I think they’ve got enough fish to fry. But yeah, it would be a great fun thing to do, that’s for sure.”

Is Dave Grohl’s number in your phone? Could you ring him up and say ‘Let’s make this happen’?

“Erm….I’ve got his number, yeah, but I wouldn’t be calling him to ask him to do that. I’m not turning it into something it’s not. They’re just a really lovely bunch of guys who are very generous with their love of what other people do.”

Here is Rick performing with the Foo Fighters at the London O2 arena:


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