Review of Our Lady Peace’s new album “Somtheingness”

Our Lady Peace’s last album “Curve” was kind of experimental for the band. It was good but it lacked some of the stuff I think we would expect from a Our Lady Peace album. On “Somethingness”, they for the most part return to the guitar influenced songs and sounds I think most similar to “Burn Burn” and somewhat like “Spiritual Machines.”

“Head Down” is a decent opener and sounds like a typical Our Lady Peace song with the lyrics and guitar. “Nice To Meet You” also relies on the guitar though is more of a mainstream song and could have crossover appeal. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a single one day. “Ballad of A Poet” is probably the standout track of the album. If anyone likes storytelling songs, definitely check this one out. It I just a classic storytelling song and could definitely see this as a single coming up. “Hiding Place for Hearts” is more like something off of “Curve.” It is a slow song all the way through and is one of the only songs on the album that doesn’t rely heavily on the guitar. It might sound somewhat plain compared to the other ones due to this but is still. Good song as it grows on you. The music might be like that to go with the lyric anyways. “Drop Me In The Water” was the first single and was a decent comeback track for the band. It was great to hear the loud and distorted guitars back when I first heard it. It has though somewhat of a interesting and unique vibe to the song. The musical breaks are fantastic though as it builds up to loud guitars at the end. “Missing Pieces” is a slow-mid tempo song about relationship issues. “Falling into Place” is a mid tempo song with inspiring lyrics like “We Might Bend, but We Won’t Break.” It is also a reflective song looking back on one’s life about his or her struggles and how that person dealt with them and trying to get through. “Let Me Live Again” starts slow but builds up throughout the song. It sounds somewhat dramatic throughout. “Last Train” is a mid tempo song that doesn’t really change pace throughout the song, but is still good and has interesting lyrics.

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