Phillip Phillips talks about meeting Ed From Collective Soul and how he likes Collective Soul

Biz Journals did an interview with Phillip Phillips and this is the part where he talked about Ed and Collective Soul:

ABC: Ed Roland from Collective Soul (interview with Ed Roland here and Dean Roland here), is a dear friend of mine and he said he sat next to you last year on the way to the National Music Publishers’ Association S.O.N.G.S. (Supporting Our Next Generation of Songwriters) Foundation’s first-annual Los Angeles golf tournament. Was there anything you took away from your conversation with him? He spoke very highly of you.

PP: Yeah. we drove together to do the golf tournament for songwriting. My wife was like, ‘Ed Roland is going to be out there from Collective Soul.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I know!’ I was already pretty excited about it that he was there. He was just the coolest dude. I didn’t really realize he was this area. He was just the nicest guy and I love his muse we talk. We talked a little bit about music and all kinds of stuff. He’s a cool, interesting guy, man. I love Collective Soul.

To read the full interview with Phillip Phillips, go HERE

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