Pearl Jam setlist from Rome (6 songs played for first time on this tour) and Eddie gives Sean Casey a shoutout at show

Here is Pearl Jam’a setlist from Rome according to Setlist FM:

  1. Metamorphosis Two
    (Philip Glass song)
  2. (Pink Floyd cover)

    Play Video

  3. (Van Halen cover)

    Can’t Deny Me

  4. (extended version)
  5. Encore:
  6. (Eddie Vedder song)
  7. (John Lennon cover)
  8. (with “W.M.A.” tag)
  9. (KISS cover) (Matt Cameron on vocals &more )
  10. (with “Save It for Later” tag)
  11. Encore 2:
  12. (Pink Floyd cover
  13. (extended version)
  14. (Neil Young cover)

They also reported that “Long Road”was printed on setlist after “Release” but was not played.

While touring in Italy, Eddie Vedder gave a shoutout to former Cincinnati Reds baseball player Sean Casey.  According to,  Eddie saw a cardboard cutout of Casey’s head and started singing “Hey Sean Casey, Da Man.”

Sean Casey tweeted about it on his twitter saying:

Wish I was really there!! Hahah! Thx for taking me to Italy wu Shannon. EV is now in possession of my head. Ha! @PearlJam @MLSouthHills @Reds

This first video looks like it might be the full concert from tonight, but could be wrong.  Not great visual quality, but I posted a few more videos from the show too including “Mankind.”

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