Listen to Oasis song “Don’t Look Back In Anger” being played on the PA system where England lost the World Cup Semi Finals

Noel Gallagher’s was saying England was not going to win the World Cup and he was right as they lost to France yesterday.  Weirdly enough, the Oasis song “Don’t Look Back In Anger” was played over the PA system after they lost where all the fans sung along.  You can see it being played after the game below with fans singing along to it.  I think it starts at 1:15

Meanwhile Liam Gallagher blamed Noel for putting a curse on them winning after they lost.  This is from his twitter:

“For all those plastics who said it wasn’t coming home they should be ashamed of them selves … He wasn’t right they wasn’t right they put a curse on it it they should be shot … The thought of going go the misserable little f***ers gig and having to sit down listen to his bread heads and being I told you so ewwwww … I bet his mrs is happy f***ing turn coat.”

Once Liam heard of Noel saying they weren’t going tow in from the beginning, he hit back at Noel implying his wife won’t let him have faith in his own country.


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