Noel Gallagher says negative things about England’s football team and Liam hits back at him about it

Noel Gallagher’s recently got booed at a recent High Flying Birds show when after fans at his show were being optimistic about England’s football team with their 2-0 quarter final win against Sweden.  They chanted “Football is coming home.”  This is what Noel said:

“Seriously though, it f**king so is not.

“It f**ing is not. It is not – you f**king know it and I know it.”

Liam Gallagher who was recently saying nice things about Noel, hit back at him for his comments on his twitter saying implying it will be coming home and then went on talking about how Noel’s wife won’t let him support his own country.

“Very sad when you can’t support your country coz your mrs won’t let ya hashtag soft lad hashtag under the thumb ITS COMING HOME as you were LG x”

In other news, Liam was spotted this week with his long lost daughter Mollie Moorish after barely knowing each other for 19 years.


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