Noel Gallagher has collaborated with this artist on his new album who played on “Who Built The Moon.”

According to The List, Noel Gallagher has a collaboration featured with an artist who played the organ on “Holy Mountain” off of “Who Built The Moon.”

That artist is Paul Weller on his new album “True Meanings.”

It is unknown what he did on it and what song it is.  Here is the track listing though:

1. The Soul Searchers

2. Glide

3. Mayfly

4. Gravity

5. Old Castles

6. What Would He Say?

7. Aspects

8. Bowie

9. Wishing Well

10. Come Along

11. Books

12. Movin On

13. May Love Travel With You

14. White Horses

Noel recently played Rock Werchter and here is the full performance:


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