News on how the Foo Fighters earned as much as this pop star and video of them playing Billy Joel song

The pop star Drake is always on top of the charts, but doesn’t play so many shows.  Forbes talks about that and how due to that, the Foo Fighters earned as much as him this year even though their new album “Concrete And Gold” didn’t hit gold certification.  It is because the Foos play so many shows playing 71 shows in a 12 month range “with an average gross north of $1 million per stop.”

They also mention how the Foos also out earned Rolling Stones who made 39 million playing only 17 shows.

One of the Foo Fighters recent shows was Madison Square Garden where they played a little of Billy Joel song “You May Be Right.”

The Struts have been opening for the Foo Fighters and they spoke to Billboard about opening for them:

You’re in the middle of touring with The Foo Fighters and before you’ve toured with the likes of The Stones and have opened for Guns N’ Roses and The Who. Who has been your favorite?

Oh it’s been The Foos by a country mile. And then followed by The Rolling Stones straight after that. You know but, Foo Fighters by no question about it. Absolutely no question whatsoever.

How has that experience been for you and your band mates?

It’s just been incredible for us. The whole band is so welcoming and accommodating and all the crew that work for them are brilliant and it’s very tight-knit, like a giant family and it’s really cool to kinda feel like a part of that. And honestly it’s a great gig! You know it kinda takes the pressure off… you perform 45 minutes and then a couple of hours after I go up and do “Under Pressure” with them and then that’s it and that’s kinda like a night done. It’s not too stressful compared to headlining shows.

Do you feel like you’ve learned a lot with the people you’ve toured with, especially the Foos? What kind of things have you picked up since being on tour with all of these amazing bands?

I definitely think that how long their careers have been going, that’s an inspiring thing unto itself. And even how long they play. I don’t know if that’s something I personally want to aspire to do, like over three hours every night, but it kinda puts into perspective how much you are willing to get down and listen to. Which surprised me, but they stay there right to the end, going on three hours or so.


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