New music Liam Gallagher is working on might have been rejected by Miley Cyrus

Could new songs that Liam is working on have been rejected by Miley?

According to The List, Liam has been pitched songs by Andrew Wyatt that Miley didn’t want for her own album.  Andrew said this about this situation:

“There’s one track he thinks could be re-worked as a big rock ballad for Liam.”

One source says that Liam is willing to consider the Miley rejected tracks since he has a lot of faith in Wyatt after the success of “As You Were.”  This is something that Liam would have refused in the past.

Andrew Wyatt helped out with “Paper Crown” and “Chinatown” on Liam’s first solo album.

Liam is currently working with a “army of songwriters” on this next album.

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