Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park answer Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons question on how he stays grounded and humble through all of the fame

Mike Shinoda was recently on TRL prompting his new solo album where he answered a question from Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons on how Mike stays humble and grounded through all of the fame.  Here is the video:

Imagine Dragons are fans of Linkin Park and even posted this a little while ago on their twitter about them:

“Linkin Park has been and always will be one of the greatest bands of our generation. Got me through many dark years growing up. All the love”

Mike Shinoda will be playing LoveLoud festival with Imagine Dragons in July which is always a big event for Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons.

Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons has been busy promoting his documentary BELIEVER which just premiered on HBO.  In the documentary there is a part where he discusses issues with Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees who recently came out.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Reynolds talked about his Mormon mission with Glenn in Omaha:

“I also served a Mormon mission in Omaha Nebraska, with Tyler Glenn, who is now the lead singer of Neon Trees. He had a similar story to Casey. He lived a life hiding his sexuality and ended up coming out at 30 in a Rolling Stone interview. He lived with a lifetime of guilt and shame from what he was being taught at Sunday school. He also was a devout Mormon his entire life. He wanted to believe more than maybe any Mormon I’ve ever met. He wanted it with all his heart. However, there was no safe place for him within the community that he loved so dearly. Tyler ended up leaving the church and having an onslaught of judgment thrown at him from his very own community merely because he expressed the hurt he had dealt with for a lifetime. ”

Go HERE to see his full interview with them where he talks about why helps out in the LGBTQ community.

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