Listen to new Blue October song “Your Love Is Like A Car Crash” just released

This was just released.

In other news the band just played August Hall in the Bay Area and here are some notes fro the show according to MusicJunkiePress:

If I had to pick a couple highlights of the night, they would be:

  • The entire crowd singing along to The Chills, everyone had their hands in the air, singing along and dancing with abandon, raising the energy of the venue to new heights


  • Justin’s intro to Into The Ocean which included a heartfelt honest, emotionally stirring speech about how he deals with his ongoing depression. Once again, you are inviting into his world as he exposes his vulnerability and raw emotion, with the hopes that his words can help others deal and cope. You could look across the room and see the emotion across the faces of the fans.


  • Hearing all the new songs off the upcoming album performed live. They were uplifting, invigorating and just pure blissful feel-good songs that had the crowd ecstatic and dancing. I Want To Come Home is a personal favorite of mine.


  • The natural high that comes from a live Blue October performance. It is so hard to explain but when you leave a Blue October show you are truly in a heightened sense of bliss. Whether you could be experiencing hard times or challenges in your life, the music is an instant mood elevator of positivity. You just have to breathe it in and let it take you to new heights! It is like putting on a pair of rose colored glasses and looking out into what can be your dark world, giving you the insight to see the positivity in all things, even chaos.

To read their full review, go HERE.


  1. They are some of the nicest guys! Talented, inspiriding, funny, accepting, caring artists in music and life. They are approachable, loving & kind. If you haven’t seen them, go e it a go

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