Liam Gallagher might collaborate with this rapper

According NME, Liam has been in talks about collaborations with rapper Big Shaq.  This is what Big Shaq said about Liam:

“Yeah, we talk all the time. He said, ‘You’re a legend man, just keep going. Go for it brother’.”
“He wants to work on a song together — he’s been giving me great vibes. Hopefully we will get in the studio together soon. He’s showing me a lot of love.”

Big Shaq is actually also friends with Noel Gallagher and Noel has been wanting Big Shaq to do shows with him.

In other news, Readdork gave a review of the TRNSMT festival and this is what they said about Liam’s set saying fans preferred the hits than the new songs:

It’s hard to tell if Liam Gallagher is trading on past glories or simply giving the crowd what they want with so many Oasis songs in his set, starting with ‘Rock N Roll Star’. With an audience that largely consists of people who grew up with Oasis being the biggest band in the world, it’s hardly surprising that these by far get the best response compared with his more recent solo material. Compared to some of the newer bands playing his set lacks urgency, but when Liam closes the show with ‘Wonderwall’, all is forgiven.

Here is an hour long video from his set at TRSNMT which might his full set:

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