Liam Gallagher denies being rude to his new neighbors

As we reported Liam has moved to a new neighborhood, one where Johnny Depp lives in North London.  The CapJournal reports this next info that he went on a “four mouthed rant.”

One resident reported this to the Sun:

“My heart sank when I saw Liam moving his stuff in. A friend and I were watching him enter his home and he shouted at us at the very top of his voice, ‘What the f**k are you two k***s bogging at? You wanna take my f***ing picture, do you? Prats’.

That person went on to say:

“I don’t know much about rock music nor Oasis, but I’m told he can’t sing for toffee and it was his brother who was the talent and brains in his band.”

However, Liam went to Twitter and this morning and said this about the situation:

“I’ve met my neighbours either side of me and there fantastic people very nice and welcoming unlike the stalkers who were stood outside my house the other day with there binoculars dribbling into there cafe lattes it’s coming home as you were LG x”

So although he says he likes his neighbors, he was angry at people who he said were stalkers.  Maybe he used foul language at them.

Here are some recent videos from Liam’s shows:

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