Kevin Martin talks about reuniting with original band members for a few shows, the chances of a new Hiatus album, Rocklahoma and more

This interview was at Rocklahoma where Candlebox played.  Kevin talked about the reunion shows with original members of the band, Rocklahoma, the possibility of a new Hiwatts album, and more.

The original members of Candlebox: Kevin Martin, Peter Klett, Bardi Martin, and Scott Mercado will reunite for a show in Seattle at the Paramount Theatre on 7/21-7/22.  Here is what Kevin, Peter, Bardi, and Scott said about the reunion according to Blabbermouth:


“I don’t think any of us ever thought that we had made a record that would have such a profound effect on so many. I mean, we were proud of it, of course, and we loved what we had created, but to think that it was going to reach so many people and that it was still going to be as impactful 25 years later, no way. I think we are all amazed that it’s 25 years old. [It’s] very humbling, for sure, and I couldn’t be more grateful that our fans still love what we do all these years later.”


“I’m truly looking forward to getting back together with the guys where it started all those years ago. Playing the songs that literally changed our lives and continue to do so and to be able to play them in the Paramount with our fans there is going to be amazing!”


“It is amazing. I mean, if you’d have asked me in 1993 if I thought we’d be playing this album for our fans in 25 years, I dont know how I would have responded. I think I would probably have said, ‘I hope so,’ but really I’m just amazed and cannot wait to celebrate these past 25 years with the guys and the fans!”


“I’m so stoked to be reuniting with the three guys that changed my life immeasurably and presented the most magical moments I’ll ever experience on this Earth. I love these guys and can’t wait to play the songs from the album that catapulted our musical careers.”

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