Jason Mraz talks about new album “Know” and more

Jason Mraz recently did an interview with Star2 and talked about the new album “Know.”

During the interview, Jason said that this album won’t be really different from the others:

“It is a, err, great album! It is in alignment with everything else I’ve produced. I don’t bend rules, I don’t change my style.

So there’ll just be more love songs and more good nuggets of wisdom to keep us happy and healthy!”

About the new single “Have It aAll” being inspired by a Buddhist salutation:

It was more of a salutation – “Tashi delek”. Someone translated it as “May you have auspiciousness and causes of success”.

I loved that and wrote it down in my journal, and I kept writing more phrases like that.

What I hope Have It All can do is to cheer people on and help them remember the good that’s inside and the great things we’re still able to do here.

About the positivity in his music:

So in the music that I make, I put into it the ingredients and the thoughts and wisdom and knowledge that I have acquired or heard in my life.

I put it together in a song so that when I sing it, I can always drink that medicine of love, forgiveness, hope, patience and peace.

Read the full interview, go HERE.

Here is a live performance of the single “Have It All”

And another new song called “Love Is The Answer” from last year:

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