Former Marilyn Manson keyboardists talks a little trash about Pearl Jam while praising Chris Cornell

Madonna Wayne Gracy (former Marilyn Manson Keyboardist) went on talk about the legends of the grunge movement according to Alternative Nation.  While he said good stuff about Chris Cornell saying:

He linked to Soundgarden’s “Face Pollution.”

“The most Angelic voice.”

He said this about Pearl Jam talking about Black:

“And while I am in Seattle I might as well stop by these c**ksuckers.”

He also talked about politics a little bit

“Although to be honest, no Republican party before just wanted to blow up the deficit like this.”

In other news, the Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon has been sending Eddie Vedder the daily lineup for the Cubs according to CBSSPORTS.

Here is a video of Joe performing with Eddie:

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