Exclusive review of Shinedown’s new album “ATTENTION ATTENTION.”

Here is Alternative Revolution’s exclusive review of “ATTENTION ATTENTION” below:

Shinedown’s last album was “Threat To Survival.”  While that was still Shinedown, it seemed to be a little more mainstream than other albums at times.  “ATTENTION ATTENTION” seems to be a heavier and bigger album overall.  I say bigger because they just seem like bigger rock songs that seem like it can fit well at large music venues.  Even the titles seem bigger in how most of them are in all caps.  “Threat To Survival” had some songs like that such as “Cut The Chord” though had some slower and more mainstream appealing songs like “How Do You Love” for example.

The heaviness starts with lead single “DEVIL.”  While it may not seem as catchy as some other Shinedown singles, it is still catchy and is good in other ways.  It seems right that they led the album off with a heavy song like this in which does have some mainstream appeal too.  “BLACK SOUL” continues the album in a good way which sounds somewhat similar to “DEVIL.”  One highlight of this song is the solo.  “The next song “ATTENTION ATTENTION” is one of my favorites.  It may not be as heavy as the first two songs, but makes up for it with its lyrics and melody.  This seems like it has potential as a single as the chorus is really catchy.  Brent (lead singer) also does some kind of spoken word vocal style on this in the versus.  “KILL YOUR CONSCIENCE” starts off kind of slow and different from the first three songs but gets heavier in the chorus.  “PYRO” starts off with a kind of dramatic intro which fits well in the album with how it is a concept album.  This is another upbeat heavy song.  “GET UP” is another one of my favorites.  It is one of the more mainstream ones, but it works very well with the inspiring and uplifting lyrics.  It is one of those songs that can make you feel better if you are feeling down.  This seems to also have good potential for a single as it has that radio appeal.  “GET UP” also seems to show a different. Turn for the album.  While most of the album before was embracing the madness the character was going through, this one is more positive and it gives some hope for the character.   It’s not a heavy song and actually starts off kind of slow, but builds up in the chorus.  “special” is a unique song in many ways.  First, it is probably the slowest song on the album.  Another thing to note is the lyrics as they could seem like Brent is putting the character in the song he is speaking to down.  However, Brent said in an interview with ALLMUSIC that the purpose is just to remind the person that he or she shouldn’t be cocky or something like that.  It is interesting at the end how they insert some vocals from the “GET UP song.”  I like how they all relate to each other being how it is a concept album.  “THE HUMAN RADIO” is mostly mid tempo song and is just a good positive song that should keep the character focused on turning his or her life around.  “BRILLIANT” ends the album in a great way as it shows the most hope for the character.  It starts off with kind of a poppy intro but gets into a regular song once the verse starts.  The song takes a turn after the first chorus and goes into more of a rock song.  This song sounds even better as the last song after listening to everything else.  It is also a great motivational song like “GET UP.”

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