Exclusive Daughtry review from Westbury, NY 3/24

The show started with Sinclair which is made up of a girl singer and some guy playing the music (no drummer).  It was kind of an interesting opener for Daughtry since she was kind of a pop artist, but it makes sense somewhat since Daughtry has some pop songs.  One highlight she had was a song with lyrics like “everybody needs somebody.”

Daughtry then came on after and opened with a new song to be on their new album that is not out yet.  I think its called “Just Found Heaven.”  If you follow Daughtry, on twitter or instagram, you might of heard a clip of this song that he released from their rehearsals.  It was a decent song with lyrics you would expect from Daughtry and was a mid-tempo song.

One highlight of the night was another new song called “Backbone.”  That was my favorite of the night.  Chris described the song as a song that deals with when you have hard times in life and that you have to stay tough during those times.  This is more of a rock song than “Just Found Heaven”.

One interesting part of the set was “Breakdown” from their first self titled album.  They played a  somewhat different version of the song adding a little more drama to it seemingly.  Its cool to see the band play a different kind of version of a song.  I always liked when bands did this.  It shows they can do more than just play the songs exactly from the album.

Another highlight of the night was “Baptized” which is one of my favorite songs from that album called “Baptized.”  Another solid performance and I was happy they played that.

The other new song played was “Back in Time” and they asked the fans to stand up for this one.  This is definitely an upbeat song but has kind of a dance song vibe to it as well as being a rock song.  Its hard to too from just one listen, but I think it reminds me of “Outta My Head” from Break The Spell.  The fans seemed to be into this song.

Of course they played their first hit “it’s Not Over” which was cool with the little intro they gave to the song.  I think they have been doing it for a while though.

The band closed with a cover of Prince’s “Purple Rain.”  I don’t know the song well but it was an interesting choice for a closer and the band seemed into it.

Another interesting thing that was done is how Chris took pictures with fans while singing the songs.  You have to be good in order to do that at the same time as singing.  One fan even went on stage for a second to try and take a picture with him (the stage was in the middle since it was a rotating stage).

Overall Daughtry is a good live band.  Chris sounds somewhat similar to the way he sings on the album, but has a lot of energy live.  The energy adds kind of screams to the live performances and sounds good for a rock performer.  The one thing I didn’t like is that they didn’t play “No Surprise” or “Over You.”  I like the idea of playing new songs over hits, but I just wish they played these hits instead of other ones.  It was a good show though overall and theTh. band seemed into it.  Chris was happy with the performance and seemed to really enjoy this show in particular.  I’m looking forward to hearing their new album.

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