Ed Kowalczyk of LIVE how talks about the tour: playing the classics and more on how the band meshes well with Counting Crows

In an interview with ABC News Radio, Ed of LIVE talked about the 25 And Counting tour with Counting Crows that launches tonight talking about performing the classics and more on how they mesh well with Counting Crows.  On playing the classics, he said:

“A song like ‘Lightning Crashes’ we played a billion times since 1994 when it came out, but I still really enjoy it,” he says. “I love performing the song, but I really enjoy the joy that I get to see in the fans’ faces when the song starts, and how it still matters to them and it’s still really relevant to them, and that’s just a great feeling.”

On how they mesh well with Counting Crows:

“We have songs that are really heavy, but…the songs that are kind of our most popular ones, like ‘Lightning Crashes’ and ‘Heaven,’ they’re a little less so,” he says. “We get fans that wanna come out and rock, but at the same time, the Counting Crows fans really dig the melodic and lyrical elements of…Live. So yeah, it works somehow.”

To read the full article, go HERE.

In other news with LIVE, it was just announced that the band will be in Australia again this October at the Gold Coast that will take place on October 19-21.  The band Foreigner will also play.  Go HERE for ticket details.

Stay tuned for news on LIVE’s set’s on the tour that starts tonight.  The band posted this on Facebook at Soundcheck:

Also, watch out for our new interview with Adam Kowalczyk (Ed’s brother) about his new band Alow.  It will be posted soon (this week probably).

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