Drummer for Cracker and Social Distortion (Charlie Quintana) dies at 56

According to Billboard, the veteran punk drummer Charline Quintana who drummed for both Cracker and Social Distortion has passed away at age 56.  Cracker posted this tribute to him on social media saying:

“One of the greatest drummers of all time,” they wrote. “A true test of a drummers ability is a slow song. No one could ever match him on this.”

Johnny Hickman of Cracker also shared this memory of Quintana after posting a picture of a publicity shot for their album “The Golden Age” saying:

“Virgin Records publicity shot for The Golden Age. Thought bubbles above heads: Lowery + Hickman…”Yeah yeah, we have shiny shirts and shit, thanks label wardrobe geeks. Quintana and Rupe….”We’re bored….fuck this, let’s go play rock music”

Guitarist Chris Lawrence who toured with Quintana on Social Distortion singer Mike Ness’s first solo outing in 1998 said this:

“In 1998 I recorded guitar and pedal steel on Mike Ness’s first solo album. In 1999 we spent the entire year touring the US and parts of Canada to support that album as well as recording a second album. Charlie Quintana was the drummer on that tour and on the second album. He was one of THE most amazing drummers I have ever worked with, as good as it gets. A fuel injected turbocharged powerhouse with the timing of a nuclear clock. We spent many evenings after our shows at a hotel bar or one of our rooms enjoying a few (or more) drinks and exchanging tall tales and sharing our life stories. Charlie was as charming as he was difficult at times, a complicated and often conflicted man for sure. But behind all of that I saw him as a guy who was proud and passionate about his art and his life. His passing is not right, he has left this realm far too soon.”

In addition to playing in Social Distortion (2000-2009) and Cracker, Quintana “toured with and recorded sessions with everyone from Bob Dylan to X’s John Doe (1995’s Kissingsohard), Mecca Normal (1997’s Who Shot Elvis?) Agent Orange, Joan Osborne and Izzy Stradlin & the Ju Ju Hounds, performing on that band’s self-titled 1992 debut.”

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