Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum talks about their new studio album that is being worked on right now and the Rock And Roll Express Tour

Here is an interview Dave of Soul Asylum did with IgniteMusicMag talking about how they are in the studio now working on a new album and the Rock And Roll Express tour with 3 Doors Down and Collective Soul.

Here is also a somewhat recent interview with Dave from Consequence of Sound where he talks about his appreciation for Kevin Smith as a filmmaker.  One of Soul Asylum’s song’s was in his movie a while ago. He also talks about the album “Candy From A Stranger.”

Also, if you missed it, according to GlideMagazine, the band will be releasing reissues of two of their older albums on July 20th: “Say What you Will…Everything Can Happen” and “Made To Be Broken.”  These reissues will contain demos, rare outtakes, and unreleased songs.  Here are the track listing for both reissues:

Say What You Will … Everything Can Happen  Track Listing:

  1. Long Day
  2. Voodoo Doll
  3. Money Talks
  4. Stranger
  5. Sick Of That Song
  6. Walking
  7. Happy

8. Black And Blue

  1. Religiavision

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Draggin Me Down
    11. Do You Know
  2. Spacehead
  3. Broken Glass
  4. Masquerade
  5. Black And Blue (Demo) – Loud Fast Rules
  6. Job For Me (Demo) – Loud Fast Rules
  7. Cocktails (Demo) – Loud Fast Rules*
  8. Nowhere To Go (Demo) – Loud Fast Rules
  9. Out of Style (Demo) – Loud Fast Rules
  10. Your Clock (Demo) – Loud Fast Rules
  11. Propaganda – Loud Fast Rules
  12. Bad Moon Rising – Proud Crass Fools
  13. Happy – Proud Crass Fools


* Previously Unissued


Made To Be Broken  Track Listing:

  1. Tied To The Tracks
  2. Ship Of Fools
  3. Can’t Go Back
  4. Another World, Another Day
  5. Made To Be Broken
  6. Never Really Been
  7. Whoa!
  8. New Feelings
  9. Growing Pain
  10. Lone Rider
  11. Ain’t That Tough
  12. Don’t It (make your troubles seem small)


Bonus Tracks:

  1. Long Way Home
    14. Another World, Another Day (Alternate Version)*
    15. Fearless
    16. Freeway
    17. The Snake
    18. Hey Bird
    19. Friends
    20. Can’t Go Back (Alternate Version)*
    21. Swingin’*
    22. Lost In Your Face*
    23. Catch Me If You Can*
    24. Song Of The Terrorist*
    25. To Go There*
    26. 20 Year Itch*
  2. Ramblin’ Rose*

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