Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters talks about who he would like to have on Cal Jam in future and about having Liam Gallagher and Joe Perry on the bill last year

Dave of Foo Fighters did an interview with Variety and talked about Cal Jam.  About who he would want in the future, and talked about how he would like ACDC, Heart, and Foreigner on the bill:

Who is the dream Cal Jam headliner?
Of course, I would say AC/DC because they’re the greatest rock and roll band in the world. But realistically I’d probably say I’d like to have Slayer before they go away. That’d be a big one. I sure as f— wouldn’t want to go on after them! (laughter)

“But Heart are still f—ing amazing, they would be a great one. Everybody loves a little bit of Foreigner now and then. I don’t doubt that any one of those bands could jump up on stage in between Japandroids and Greta Van Fleet and school everyone. It could happen.”

About having Joe Perry from Aerosmith and Liam Gallagher one the bill in the past:

“Last year we had Joe Perry from Aerosmith come up and jam with us — it was a little bit of a fiasco! We tried to do [The Beatles’] “Come Together” with Liam Gallagher. It went haywire, but it was fun. We asked Joe about his experience in ‘78 and back then bands would take helicopters to gigs (laughs), so I asked him more about the helicopter than anything else.”

He aslo talked about how Foo Fighters makes records:

“Independence is very important, because you want to control your experience and that’s basically what we’ve done for the last 24 years. We’re on our own label and have our own studio and basically just tell everyone, “We’re making a record. Here are the songs, here’s who’s going to produce it, we’d like to tour here and there.” Independence has always been important to us, but a lot of it goes back even before Nirvana, when I was in punk rock bands in Washington, D.C.”

To read the full interview, go HERE.

Here is the performance Dave was talking about with Liam Gallagher and Joe Perry join the band for Beatles song “Come Together.”



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