Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters has a 25 minute instrumental piece

Dave Grohl did an interview with the Chicago Tribune to promote the band’s show at Wrigley Field.

One thing he talked about is how he has a 25 instrumental piece where he played every instrument on and:

literally ran from one instrument to the next as a film crew captured the mayhem

Another thing he talked about was how 2011’s Wasting Light was when he started to challenge himself to make more inventive music.

About doing the HBO series Sonic Highways and Cal Jam, He says he know it seems nutty, but says:

“But when people would ask me “Why are you doing this?” I’m always like “I don’t know. Because I’ve never done it before?”

About Cal Jam, Dave said he hopes it opens the eyes of Foo Fighters fans to all of these new bands.  He said he liked having bands like Sonic Youth and The Melvins and the Meat Puppets who influenced them over the years.

To read the full interview, go HERE.

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