Daughtry to have another song (official single) to be released soon/singer to be inducted into North Carolina Music Hall of Fame

Apparently the Daughtry song “Backbone” that was just released is not Daughtry’s official first single for their fifth album and that the official single will be coming soon. according to the RCA Records Press Release.

These are some excerpts from the press release:

“With its swaggering riff and soulful chant—“Ya gotta show a little backbone”—this anthem heralds the arrival of the band’s anxiously awaited fifth full-length album due out later this year. Additionally, it paves the way for the first official single coming very soon.

About “Backbone, frontman Chris Daughtry commented, “This is just a little something to get everyone ready for the record. It’s been so long since we gave you new music that it only felt right to drop something fresh. We’ve put a lot into this music, and we can’t wait to share what’s to come.”

It was not stated which song is the official first single.  The band has been playing other new songs such as “Just Found Heaven” and “Back in Time” in concert so it could possibly be one of those.

In other Daughtry news, Chris (lead singer) is being inducted into the North Carolina Hall of Fame.  Check that out HERE

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