Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons gets support from these celebrities at the BELIEVER documentary premiere

According to JustJared, there were a lot of smiles at the Red Carpet for the New York premiere of Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons).  Dan got support from Alec Baldwin, James Valentine from Maroon 5, Tyler Glenn from Neon Trees, Alexix Michelle from RuPaul’s Drag Race, as well as his Imagine Dragons bandmate Wayne Sermon.  They also noted his wife Dagmara Dominiczyk (though I thought they just got separated).

Here are some photos that JustJared had on their post:

Variety did a review of BELIEVER and here are some excerpts from it:

“Pride, the celebration of the LGBTQ community through the month of June each year, is as good an occasion to mark quite how much progress in the battle for equality has been made, and how far there is to go. “Believer,” a sweetly earnest new documentary airing on HBO, has plenty of the latter; it exposes the painful ostracization and hatred of gay people in the Mormon community. But it shows plenty of progress, too, embodied in the person of Dan Reynolds, an appealing protagonist whose status as a proud ally is a splendid and sympathetic example of a society-wide change of heart that’s happening, albeit too slowly.’

As a character, Reynolds is good company. That his and his wife’s conversations will sound to those schooled in the history of antigay exclusion and discrimination—they’re perpetually stunned and surprised by what is, to many, old news—makes him an interesting subject; we’re watching someone get educated in real time. Reynolds’s blank-slate approach to these issues, about which he’s still learning, allows for moments of narration by those meaningfully touched by the Mormon church’s bigotry. These include the parents of a gay son who died by suicide, who share moving recollections of their son’s vexed life in a community defined by a hostile faith. His friends, we’re told, would only associate with him when they were sure their parents wouldn’t find out.

These parents’ love and grief emanates through the screen, and helps keep “Believer” from tipping into what it too easily might have been: A look at the gay-rights struggle centered entirely around a hero who is not himself gay. Reynolds is careful to sit and listen to the grieving parents; he apologizes to his friend, the openly gay Neon Trees singer and festival collaborator Tyler Glenn, for his blindness, and then, crucially, de-centers himself and allows Glenn to express what it feels like to be out in the LDS community.”


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  1. i think what dan reynolds of imagine dragons is doing is wonderfu. im not here to judge anyone. i love his outlook of things. i look foward to watching it. glad to see he is getting so much support with it

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