Dan of Imagine Dragons talks about issues with Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees and more relating to BELIEVER documentary

Broadway World wrote a piece in what seems to be a review of the Believer documentary starring Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons.

One interesting thing about what they wrote is about Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees as Reynolds apologized to him about his issued of the church.  This is the full paragraph on it:

“Understanding that change can only happen from within, he starts with an apology to Neon Trees lead singer Tyler Glenn. After publicly coming out, Glenn learned of the Church’s opposition to same-sex marriage, and its policies banning children of same-sex couples from being baptized before age 18. Glenn subsequently left the Church, a decision that still weighs on him today, and in 2017 welcomed the opportunity to help Reynolds coordinate the first LoveLoud Festival, intended to promote greater LGBTQ inclusivity in the Mormon community.”

They also mention Tyler Glenn in how Neon Trees perform with Imagine Dragons at LoveLoud festival.  This is what they said about the festival and the impact on the audience:

“When the big day finally arrives, Reynolds takes the stage in front of a diverse crowd, proclaiming that they “can all agree on one thing, and that’s love.” Between messages of hope and performances by Aja Volkman, Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons and more, attendees are overwhelmed by the event’s enormity.”

Another noteworthy thing they talk about is about a teen named Stockton who committed suicide:

“He also meets Alyson and George, whose teen son, Stockton, committed suicide after feeling alienated from his community. Hearing these stories, Reynolds becomes committed to providing them with a platform to educate others about their experiences.”

To read Broadway World’s full piece on it, go HERE.

Here is a performance from last year’s LoveLoud festival of Reynolds of imagine Dragons and Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees performing “I’ll Walk With You.”

The BELIEVER documentary will premiere on HBO on Monday June 25 at 8 PM ET.

Here is the trailer:

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