Collective Soul plays lots of new songs at Canada shows

Collective Soul is current on their short Canadian tour before heading out on the Rock And Roll Express Tour with 3 Doors Down and Soul Asylum.  In Canada they have been playing some new songs.

We don’t have the titles of some of them, but here are the ones we do know or one’s with lyrics that we now know:

It’s Only Love

Observation of Thoughts (they played this acoustically before but this might be the first time played with full band)

Unknown with lyrics: still I pray that tomorrow will be another day

(Not sure if that one above is Right As Rain)

Rule # 1 (was played a lot live already)

So it’s good for people going to see the Rock And Roll Express tour because it looks like they were playing at least 4 new songs a night with some seemingly new ones that they never played live before.  Here are the full setlist’s from two of the Canada shows according to Setlist FM.

June 25

  1. Unknown)
    (new song)
  2. (Unknown)
    (new song)
  3. (Electric Light Orchestra cover) (partial)
  4. (Unknown)
    (new song)

June 26


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