Billie Joe Armstrong responds to the Green Day breakup rumors angry

With Billie’s side project The Longshot launching, there has been some rumors of Green Day breaking up.

This is what Billie had to say about that according to Alt929 Boston.

“Some of you are asking about Green Day and if there’s anything wrong, or if we’re breaking up, replied Armstrong via The Longshot’s Instagram story. The answer is: no.

I am having some fun with some of my friends. I am what you call ‘a musician’. Some people have a hard time calling it that sometimes. With that said, shut the fuck up. You’re a fucking whiner, and I’m playing music because that’s what I’m supposed to do. That’s what people that play guitar, and drums, and bass, and they sing – this is what we do.”

Here is the video for “Love is For Losers” (The Longshot’s new single)


  1. Hi Billie. No, I didn’t hear any rumors that Green Day was breaking up. But maybe what happened, was a lot of us were worrying about the band when you guys had to postpone your concert dates on the West Coast. We were worried about you guys. I think there was a mix-up there sweetie. Oh, by the way, I just finished listening to, “I Want To Be Your Dominated Love Slave”, on your Kerplunk album. I could not stop laughing!!! So funny!!! I really want to see you guys at a concert in North San Diego County!! So if you see me holding up a sign that says,” I want to be your dominated love slave!!”, that’s me!! Oh, I sent you a couple of letters to your Warner Bros. address, but they came back to me, unopened. Where should I send them now?? My email address is: Write me back. Love you sweetie!! Susan

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