Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day shares on Instagram that he was listening to this old school Soul Asylum song

Billie from Green Day posted this on his Instagram page about the Soul Asylum song:

Here is The Longshot (Billie’s side project) setlist from Sunday night in Portland where they played Longshot songs, Green Day songs, and a lot of covers.  Source: setlist fm

  1. (Ramones cover)
  2. (The Damned cover)
  3. (Green Day cover)
  4. (The Nerves cover)
  5. (Green Day cover)
  6. (The Crickets cover)
  7. (The Plimsouls cover)
  8. Encore:
  9. (David Bowie cover)
  10. (Generation X cover)

Here is a video interview with Tre of Green Day backstage at the Bottle Rock festival (he didn’t play there).  He talked about The Coverups and was asked about a new Green Day album, but did not give any information about that

And Billie chats with fans after a Longshot show-

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