Art of Everclear talks about the crowds at the Summerland tour and the intense story behind the song “You.”

Art Alexakis from Everclear recently did an interview with NewsReview.  He talked about the Summerland tour, the intense song “You,” and more.

This is what Art said about the crowds at the Summerland shows with how it is not all nostalgia:

“When you look at the crowd, there’s a large part of nostalgia there, but also there’s a lot of young people that are coming to the shows,” Alexakis says. “I’d say about 25 percent of our crowds are millennials and they’re just excited about rock ’n’ roll, about great songs. We’re live without a net. And that’s what the ’90s were about: guitar songs on the radio again. Really good songs and very diverse compared to the way radio sounds now.”

Disturbing, but revealing, Art talks about how the song “You” from the album “Black Is The New Black” was about how he got raped by a group of kids when he was 8 years old:

“I never told my mom because my mom was a hillbilly from North Carolina and my brother was in and out of juvenile hall. My brother and my mother would’ve killed those kids,” Alexakis says. “It’s a song about me dealing with it and I’d never written about it or really talked about it before, except in therapy. It’s an intense song, man. It really is, but it was really cathartic to write that song.”

To see the full article, go HERE.

Everclear will be wrapping up the Summerland tour soon with Marcy Playground and Local H. Here is the setlist from the Portland show according to Setlist FM:

  1. Encore:
  2. (The Vaselines cover)

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