Adam Duritz of Counting Crows talks about working with Gil Norton and encourages fans to come out early for the opener on this tour

Adam of Counting Crows did an interview with Las Vegas Blog and talked about working with Gil Norton:

We always tried to think in terms of things that would work for us for the long run, as opposed to the short run. We really tried to think about the future and each other and what the best ways to stay together [are] and how to do things that were important artistically for us. And even when they didn’t really agree with what the record company or the business wanted—you know, when you sell 10 million records with a record you make with T Bone Burnett, they don’t want you to go find the guy that made the Pixies records [Gil Norton] to do your next record [1996’s Recovering The Satellites]. That’s pretty frowned upon.

And when that’s a No. 1 record, they don’t want you to go find the guy that did Sparklehorse [Cracker’s David Lowery] under a pseudonym] to do the next one [1999’s This Desert Life]. But we were more interested following things that we were passionate about. We thought we’d always do better work if we were passionate about it, as opposed to if it was the right commercial decision. Maybe that lost us some things here and there commercially, but I think it did really pan out in the long run. I’m pretty proud of all the work, and I don’t have anything I’m really ashamed of, which is good.

You mentioned working with Gil Norton, and I think Recovering The Satellites is a real fan favorite. What was it like working with him? It was great. For me, it was amazing. I felt like [August And Everything After]…I love that record, but we did the best we could do. We couldn’t really play other kinds of music yet. We were just learning to play together. But we had all kinds of ambitions about the kind of things we wanted to do that were really different from that. And on the second record, we really stretched out to try and do all those things.

And encourages fans to see the opener Boom Forest on this tour:

I would tell everybody to come out early… Boom Forest, the first band on the bill, is fantastic. They’re playing our festival, the Underwater Sunshine Festival, this year [in October], and they played the Outlaw Road Show several times before. They’re a band from Wisconsin and they’re just brilliant. Their singer, JP Roney, is such a great singer and writer [and] brilliant musician. I’m going to get there early to watch them every night.

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