Exclusive Interview with Alow lead singer Adam Kowalczyk- Adam talks about new single “Behind The Screen,” the band’s live shows, his career with LIVE & other bands, and more

Alow is a new band featuring Adam Kowalczyk on vocals who is the brother of Ed Kowalczyk in the 90s band LIVE.  Adam started playing music at the young age of 12.  Later on, he went to college at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA studying in the radio, film, and television program.  It was there where he started to write songs and played with his first band called Portion.  Two EP’s were released with Portion and they opened multiple shows for LIVE while a band.

Adam has had a long career in the music industry since then.  After Portion, he became the touring rhythm guitarist of LIVE and did that for 10 years.  He even played on the LIVE albums “The Distance To Here” and”V” as well being part of the concert for the band’s live DVD called “Live At The Paradiso- Amsterdam.”  While in LIVE, Adam moved to Los Angeles and formed a band there called Adam And The Weight.  On their album “Looking From The Ground Up, his brother Ed is featured on the song “A Growing Voice.”  Later in 2005, he moved back to Pennsylvania and recored a solo EP called “The Dream.”  Then later in 2011, he became the lead singer of the band The Mint.

All of his projects have their own identity, but has somewhat of a common thread.   If you like a lot of the post grunge music from the 90s and early 2000s, you should like his work as well.  Especially with the new single for Alow called “Behind The Screen” which seems to have a throwback vibe to that era.

Interview with Alow lead singer Adam Kowalczyk.

AR: Congratulations on releasing “Behind The Screen.”  I like how it seems to have a throwback vibe.  How was it like recording that and did you have any sort of mindset on how you wanted it to sound?

ADAM: Thanks Scott!  I’ll take that throwback vibe as a compliment all day long.  🙂  This project came together in such a fluid way with both the introduction to the other members and to their studio, The Kaleidoscope, in Lancaster PA.  I didn’t walk in with any preconceived idea or tactic really.  I just knew that after jamming with them for about 45 minutes that I was in the right place at the right time.  I wanted them to work on my songs, help to produce the material so that they could be a part of the creative process.  And man was it fun.

(The new single “Behind The Screen” from Alow)

AR: Were they any bands or artists in particular that influenced “Behind The Screen” or any of the other new songs?

ADAM: That list could be quite a long one due to the influences that the others enjoy…I kind of went with the moment as we were co-writing and re-writing the original version…which sounds nothing like this one. haha  The original version has more of an R&B vibe to it…think Sade meets Lou Reed at a bar and they have a cocktail with Sting.  🙂

AR: It says on your Facebook that you have a 3 song teaser you will be selling at shows?  Can you talk little bit and what the other songs sound like?  Somewhat similar to “Behind The Screen?  And can you talk a little on how Alow plans to release new music in the future?  Besides the 3 song teaser at shows, how else will the band be getting music out there?  Do you plan to release more online?  Will a full album be released at one point that will go to streaming services and iTunes?

ADAM : I think you may need to pick up one of the CD’s.  🙂  I’d say the 2nd song is the more listener-friendly on the disc whereas more people from all walks of life may be able to get something from it.  There’s a similar rock treatment to the 3rd song on the CD.  It’s a cover of a song named Exit by U2.  It was recorded live at tellus360 in Lancaster PA during our first performance.  For me, it kind of keeps the perspective on the process of writing, performing and relating in the musical space by having that time-stamp if you will.

And, yes…there will be more…just diving in.  🙂

AR: Alow has one show it looks like as of now up on your Facebook.  Are more shows being booked and what songs can people expect to hear at these shows?  Will they be all Alow songs or will you have some covers or songs from your solo work or previous bands?

ADAM: I’ve always thought doing shows and playing with musicians was all about the experience and not the fame so I want to do interesting shows…interesting venues…interesting line-ups.  With my background, some pretty cool opportunities are popping up so we’ll be sure and post about them online!  These shows will consist of ALOW songs, potentially some covers and in some instances, I’ll do a few acoustic songs as well.

AR: Alow doesn’t sound too far off from your solo project, Adam And The Weight, or The Mint.  However, it definitely seems to have its own sound.  How was it like recording for Alow compared to your other projects and is there a specific way you wanted Alow to sound with like a specific identity that runs through all of the band’s work?

ADAM: Creatively speaking, I’m not sure I want to hash out a plan for how this will all go down.  I want to simply ride it out and see where it goes.  The others, with their other projects and commitments, I believe are on the same page.  I don’t want to define it really but I definitely want to share what we are doing and so do they.  Feels good to be back in the saddle again.

AR: Your voice seems to have similarities to your brother Ed (from LIVE).  I guess it would be hard for you to not sound similar to him at least a little from being so close to him.  Can you talk a little on if he influenced your vocal style in any ways and if you learned anything from working with him in LIVE, the song you guys did together for Adam And The Weight, or just from growing up with him?

ADAM: Ed taught me four chords…I learned the truth myself.   🙂

AR: Can you talk about you’re greatest memories from working in the music industry whether it is from this band, The Mint, Adam And The Weight, or even from being a touring guitarist in LIVE?

ADAM: There are quite a few…one that stands out is walking through the stadium opening in RFK Stadium beside my brother for the WHFS festival so many years back..80,000 people and we were there to play music to them.  I’m almost certain my jaw dropped then I looked over at Ed and he simply shook his head “Yep.”  That will be burned into my psyche forever.   I’d love to have ALOW on a stage like that!!!!

AR: You seem to have started working in the music in the 90s which a lot of people think was a great time for music.  Your work as a solo artist and in your previous bands seem to have that influence at least a little, but even if it doesn’t at times, it still sounds like just good music.  Music has changed a lot since the time you started.  What is your opinion on the current state of rock music and the music industry?

ADAM: Thanks for saying it sounds like good music.  🙂  I knew I needed it again…the regret I would have had later on in life would have been pretty unbearable if I were to stop…I’m sure.  What I’m not so sure of is whether or not music actually changed at all.  It’s all melodies, chords and grooves…just different people doing it.  On top of that, music is universal..it’s spiritual…we just put labels on it to dress it up to look fashionable and modern both physically and technologically.  Kind of silly but I understand it.  As for the current state of the music industry…it seems to be over-flooded.  It’s not possible for the human psyche to process the amount of information and emotions we now have access to.  That being said, I’d be glad to swim in that big old sea again…

AR: I know you have the three song teaser you are selling with some shows booked.  Can fans expect anything else to come in the near future?

ADAM: Aiming to have this 3-song CD be the start of a full length…not sure when it will be released…I’m in no rush really.

Be sure to see Alow at a show where you can pick up their exclusive three song teaser.  Here is the only  show they have listed as of now:

Fri 6 PMAdam Kowalczyk is going
Spring City, PA

Stay tuned for more tour dates to be announced where you can check that out HERE.

To get more familiar with Adam’s music, check out his previous projects on Spotify (click on the music project below)

Adam And The Weight

Adam Kowalczyk solo EP “The Dream.”

Alow/AdamKowalczyk on social media and more:




Cd Baby – Adam and The Weight

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CD Baby Adam solo


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